What Can Be Claimed For Due To GP Negligence ?

GP Negligence

If you are considering a compensation claim for GP negligence, then you might be interested to know exactly what damages you can recover. It is not only the health concerns themselves which are compensated. With the right legal team, you can seek compensation in the form of:

  • General damages: these relate to the pain and suffering which you may have endured. It can also include the impact on your day-to-day life and losses to your reputation.
  • Care claim: if your injury or health concerns have required the hiring of a nurse or personal carer, then the costs can be compensated following a successful claim.
  • Loss of earnings: if you have been forced to take time away from work, the wages which you have lost will be factored into the settlement. Additionally, it can be possible to claim the loss of future earnings in some cases.
  • Travel Expenses: this can include the expenses derived from travelling back and forth from medical appointments, including fuel costs and train fare.
  • Medical Expenses: medical expenses can include the need for specialist equipment, private treatment, or physiotherapy.
  • If you have suffered an injury as the result of a GP’s negligence, being able to claim back the above expenses can help restore the financial balance to your life.


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