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Finding a good lawyer can sometimes be the most challenging thing a person may have to go through during his life, whether you are drafting a will or a trust, buying or selling real estate or getting a divorce, it is important to select the best attorney possible.

Many legal firms claim to provide better medico-legal services, but only a few can actually deliver! Fortunately, Doctors Risk has the best legal department who has 12 years of experience in handling all kinds of medico-legal projects of our clients and enabled them to deliver services more effectively. We ensure our clients get comprehensive coverage for all their medico-legal data with high confidentiality and security.

The types of cases our team handles on a regular basis:

  •      Criminal Cases (Arrest/Assault/Bail)
  •      Civil Cases (Property Law)
  •     Family Law Cases (Divorce)


Facilities provided by our legal department while handling the on-going cases

  1. Investigating facts of cases
  2. Undertaking in-depth legal research on relevant laws, regulations, and legal articles and preparing presentations for the client
  3. Gathering and arranging affidavits or other formal statements evidence i.e legal documents, such as contracts and mortgages for attorney review and case preparation
  4. Writing reports to help lawyers prepare for trials
  5. Helping lawyers during trials by handling exhibits, taking notes, or reviewing trial transcripts
  6. Filing exhibits, briefs, appeals and other legal documents with the court or opposing counsel
  7. Calling clients, witnesses, lawyers, and outside vendors to schedule interviews, meetings, and depositions
  8. Filing papers, answering telephone calls, and maintaining and organizing reference files

In addition to these tasks, our lawyers are often present with their attorney as they attend trials, depositions, will executions, real estate closings, and court and/or administrative hearings.

We also have a 24/7 Medico Legal advisory service to address any queries put forward by our members and help them get an update on individual cases.

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