Mumbai :- Charitable hospitals at the doorstep of poor patients

Doctor and patient

Mumbai: Poor people are often denied treatment by the hospitals. In regard to that, Maharashtra government joined hand with charitable hospitals which will examine and treat people staying on the footpath and poor people living in unhygienic conditions in slum areas in Mumbai on November 4.

The drive, called ‘Charitable hospitals at the doorstep of poor patients’, is being conducted to offer quality medicare to poor patients, an official said.

Shiv Kumar Dige, the charity commissioner, has written a letter to the hospitals in Mumbai to provide medical facilities to poor and destitute.

“Patients in need of hospitalization will be admitted immediately to the hospital under the drive, initiated by the State Charity Commissioner Shivkumar Dige, who observed that poor people are deprived of medical facilities,” an official in the State Charity Commissioner’s office told.

This drive is being conducted to create an awareness about this facility and as a social bonding. There are 74 trust hospitals in Mumbai, but poor people living on streets and residing in slums in unhygienic conditions and suffering from various ailments, do not avail medical treatment there,” the official said.

Last month, Dige convened a meeting with the trust hospital authorities and appealed them to examine and treat poor patients on the footpath and in slum areas, he said.

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