Medical negligence to detect newborn’s birth defect

medical negligence

Greater Noida
The family member of a 4-day old baby boy file police complains against two hospitals in Dadri.
The complaint was filed against the hospital with the allegation of failing to detect a birth defect of the child and thereby put his health at risk. The baby has an imperforate anus in which the rectum is malformed which was not detected by the by the hospital but by Infant’s grandmother.

The child was born in the hospital in Dadri at 8:30 p.m. on Monday baby was facing difficulty in breathing so was referred to NIIMS Hospital due to non-availability of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit.
He was admitted to the NICU at 9 p.m the same day he remained under observation till Tuesday.

“He was doing fine after the discharge however since Wednesday he started vomiting whatever food he was being given. His condition deuterated in the night. On Thursday morning, my mother Rajeswari Devi notice that the child does not have the anal opening. We got alarmed and immediately took him to NIIMS hospital where they refused to admit him” Rajendra Singh father of baby said.

The couple went to and NIIMS Hospital, where they refuse to admit him and send them to Durga Hospital where the child was born. Same happened at Durga hospital as they ask him to take the child back to an NI I M S Hospital.

In defense of the case, NIIMS hospital says that “the baby did not immediately cry after birth.”

Dr. Niraj Singh, owner of NIIMS hospital, Dadri told TOI that they usually check the urine passage only and not the stool passage.

“Earlier, such congenital problems were checked but these days, they are generally not checked,” he said.


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