Ayurveda, Siddha, Unani Can Authenticate Medical Certificate, Observes Madras High Court


Madras: the Madras high court was recently made a positive decision about the Indian systems of medicine. In particular, the court observed that medical insurance schemes have to provide compensation for treatment under alternative systems of medicine.

The judgment came with the case of a minor boy who suffered 60 percent permanent disability in an accident a decade ago. Unable to afford the expenses of continued allopathy treatment, he went to Siddha treatment. Seeking compensation, his father had filed a petition seeking compensation before motor accident claims tribunal, Tirunelveli. The tribunal, however, rejected the medical bills given by a Siddha doctor and forwarded to the branch manager of the new India assurance company, Dindigul to pay to the family amounted rs 13,000 to the boy by its order dated March 9, 2010.

The a bench consisting of justice j nishabanu who was hearing the appeal, however, enhanced the compensation to Rs 2.7 lakh, observing that a person who undergoes treatment in Indian systems of medicine — Siddha, Unani, homeopathy, and Ayurveda — is also eligible to get compensation. The judge further observed that a disability certificate could not be rejected on the grounds that it was obtained from a doctor other than the one who treated the claimant,


The judge also observed that under section 17 of the Indian medicine central council act, 1970, a duly qualified medical practitioner could sign or authenticate a medical or fitness certificate or any other certificate required by law as well as depose before the law.

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