Hospital could lose licence for Doctor’s Medicine Negligence


THIRUVANANTHAPURAM: The Kerala Clinical Establishment(Registration and Regulation) Bill, cleared by the subject committee of the assembly, reportedly stipulates that the license of a hospital will be canceled in the event of any medical negligence or error from a doctor, raising protests from the medical fraternity.

All hospitals, including those managed by a single doctor, will come under the purview of the bill. The clause had met with opposition in the subject committee itself, with UDF members C Mammootty, V S Sivakumar and Roshy Augustine pointing out that this could seriously hamper the functioning of smaller clinics.

They had reportedly sought an exemption for hospitals with less than 10 beds but to no avail.

Private hospitals, IMA raise questions

The tabling of the bill in the ongoing assembly session is, however, uncertain. The Kerala Association of Small Hospitals and Clinics has criticized the move.

“At least those hospitals with less than 20 beds should be excluded. The move could result in a hike in treatment cost in primary health care,” association state secretary Dr. Sreejith N Kumar said.

Private hospitals and IMA have raised questions about the de-licensing provision too. “This was not part of the bill circulated to us. It is not proper to penalize a 100-bed hospital for the mistake of a single doctor. We are not going to support such a clause,” IMA state president Dr. N Sulphi said.

He said such a provision existed nowhere in the country. “It cannot be accepted. The government is forgetting that patients would have to bear the brunt if hospitals are de-licensed,” he said.

The bill also prescribes a state council, headed by the health secretary, for monitoring the healthcare institutions in the private sector. The UDF members in the subject committee had sought to bring this council under the director of medical education. A uniform registration fee for hospitals, irrespective of their size, prescribed in the bill will also be a bone of contention.

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