Doctor couple alleged Gurgaon hospital for medical negligence

medical negligence

Gurgaon: A city-based doctor couple has levelled allegations of negligence against Medanta.Dr. RK Jain, an eye surgeon, has filed a complaint on the CM Window, accusing the hospital of “wrong diagnosis and medication” in the treatment of his 55-year-old wife Reena Jain, a gynecologist.  Dr. RK Jain claimed that his wife was admitted to the emergency ward of Medanta hospital on November 8 last year after she complained of fever and severe chest and body pain.

  After multiple tests, doctors at Medanta on November 11 said she was suffering from pneumonitis and pyelonephritis, and administered medicines for the same, according to Jain. However, Jain, who runs a couple of hospitals in the city, claimed her condition deteriorated after that. Jain said he then consulted a doctor from Delhi’s Sir Ganga Ram Hospital on November 13, who recommended an MRI test.

“Due to the medical negligence, my wife suffered extensive damage in her lungs, for which she had to be put on a ventilator for a long period,” he alleged. “My wife suffered infection due to the delay in the actual treatment and had to be given antifungal medication, which cost me Rs 2.5 lakh extra. Besides, she suffered due to the toxic effects of the wrong medications she was given initially.”

A Medanta spokesperson said, “She was initially treated at her own clinic (hospital) and was brought to Medanta when her condition deteriorated badly. She was found to have untreated diabetes, bilateral lung pneumonia, liver and kidney dysfunction and infection with bacteria. She was also found to have pus near her spinal cord. She was operated for the drainage of pus and discharged on November 23. The doctors discussed her medical condition with her family on a regular basis. It was only when the family discovered that her health expenditure is not going to be covered by her insurance firm that they decided to move her to another hospital. We deny all allegations.”

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