Compulsory Rural service bond for Fresher Doctors in Maharashtra

doctors and patient

Mumbai: Maharashtra government took a rule of mandatory rural service bond for all freshly graduated MBBS student who took admission to the course in 2010, state medical education minister Girish Mahajan has said.

State Government made all the freshly graduated doctor mandatory to work in the rural area for a year. Minister said online list will be issued for the students giving the requirement in rural, semi-rural and tribal area.  

“The state government is also working on shifting online the entire allocation of rural areas to students and Those who have not yet completed their mandatory service, they will be given a period of next two years to complete it,” he said in a statement.

doctors and patient

The need of bond rises so as to give the exposure of handling complicated cases an get the experience in rural areas which will help in developing a sense of social responsibility among the newly graduated doctors & the rural area to develop too where medical require is in high priority. The government also provides reasonable allowances for doctors serving in tribal areas and the wages are also high, he had said.

Notably, the Directorate of Medical Education and Research (DMER) had earlier this month canceled the registration of over 4,500 doctors in the state for failing to serve in rural areas for a year. According to DMER, these doctors even failed to pay the penalty incurred for not serving in rural areas. In all, 4,548 doctors faced action. They graduated from government-run medical colleges in the state between 2005 and 2012 and neither served in rural areas nor paid the fine, an official of the DMER earlier said.

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