Assessing the Severity of a Birth Injury

birth injury

If your child has suffered birth injury and you wish to initiate a legal case, one of the first things any solicitor will ask you involves describing the extent of the injury suffered by the mother, the baby, or both. This is because the severity of the injury will play a key role in the claim.

Any likely compensation claim payout will depend on the severity of the injury suffered. As we will see in a later section, the more severe an injury, the higher a payout will be. This can be taken as a firm guideline though it is not always the case. As such, diagnosing the full severity of your injury will be important. It’s one of the reasons why we offer clients the chance to have a full evaluation, which we will arrange with a local doctor. In doing so, we will be able to fully understand the severity of the injuries caused by your accident.

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