2 Apollo Docs Suspended Concerning Negligence Death


Kolkata: The West Bengal Medical Council (WBMC) going on Thursday rusticate the practicing licenses of two Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals doctors, accusing them through medical negligence initiating the death of 30-year-old accident victim Sanjay Roy last February. The council has also charged the hospital with “inhuman behavior”.

The license of surgeon Shyamal Sarkar has been suspended for six months, and that of interventional radiologist Usha Goenka for a year.

Sanjay’s expiry had brought the patient-hospital correlation underneath the microscope and was keeping an eye on by a spate of negligence complaints. It was similarly at the heart of chief minister Mamata Banerjee’s West Bengal Health Regulatory Commission, which executed rigid penalties for medical hiatuses.

The Dankuni resident, who had undergone an accident, had been conveyed to the hospital on February 16, 2017, and was moved to SSKM hospital on February 23, wherever he died the next day. His family had blamed the Apollo authorities of medical negligence and inhuman behavior, saying they had overdue the shift. They alleged the hospital had refused to release Sanjay until they cleared the bill of Rs 7.23 lakh. After the family paid Rs 4.38 lakh, the hospital demanded them to submit fixed deposit papers, they supposed. The consequent furor had obligatory the resignation of Apollo CEO Rupali Basu.

“The council found lapses on the part of the two doctors,” WBMC president Nirmal Maji said on Thursday. “They see to not do adequate to break bleeding unfluctuating though they had accused of the same. Although the patient ought to suffer substantial internal bleeding, they retained insisting that there was not any internal bleeding,” he added.

The council has been earshot the case for the past three months. While Sarkar was in control for the general treatment, Goenka, as a radiologist, was answerable for resounding out processes to perceive and treat the internal bleeding. The council partaken collected completely documents related to the treatment of Sanjoy and the post-mortem report. “The post-mortem report exposes enormous internal hemorrhage, whereas the hospital tried to dismiss that saying there was not far internal bleeding. The patient had exploited 2.5 liters of blood on the outside, too, and the doctors did not do enough to stopover it,” said a council member.

In adding to medical negligence, the council similarly accused Apollo of “inhuman activities”. The council will refer a copy of its judgment to the two doctors apprehensive. “We at the council stand with doctors who make their duty with honesty as well as integrity. But we will not be funding any doctor who indulgences in medical negligence and dereliction,” Maji added.

TOI tried to become in touch with the two doctors, but a number of calls left unanswered. “We are yet to receive the official order from the honorable WBMC and shall be able to comment on the subject after we receive it,” said a press communiqué from Apollo Gleneagles Hospitals.

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